Blood Drive Returns to Campus For Another Year

Junior Megan Nafziger watches the table at the blood drive.

Junior Megan Nafziger watches the
table at the blood drive.

Walking through the doors of the University Commons yesterday, I was greeted by students at a Red Cross table.

Other students were standing at the table, signing in and moving on, information booklets in hand, to a small waiting area.

“You have to read through a book, or folder, just about different information and whether you can donate or not. Then you go back and answer questions on a computer,” Marissa Plaugher, Junior, said.

“Then they have to prick your finger to make sure your iron is high enough. If you’re good to go, they take you out and take your blood. They ask you to stay in the lounge for about ten, fifteen minutes, and they give you drinks and snacks to make sure you’re okay.”

From here, the blood is sent to be tested and then it goes to patients in the Harrisonburg area.

Nurse Carrie Campbell said, “[We take] one pint of blood. It gets sent to our lab in Johnstown, Pennsylvania where it gets tested and then it’s sent back here and distributed to hospitals in the area.

Each day has a different goal, a different number of people we hope to see come out. Our goal for today is 48 people.”

By 2 p.m. the students at the front desk had estimated that 23 people had been through since they began at noon and they were expecting more before closing at 6.

First-year Molly White was in the waiting area. White said, “I really want to donate today because I hadn’t been able to last time; I had a week left before I could donate again.”

White began donating blood in her junior year of high school.

“I started because I had a lot of friends and family members in the hospital who needed blood and couldn’t get it, there wasn’t enough. I feel like, if I have the ability, then why not?”

White said, “People need it. I don’t need it as much as they do right now.”

-Hailey Holcomb, Opinion Editor

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