What’s Wrong With Being a “Mountain Woman?”

erin freemanExcuse me while I get on my Shaving Soapbox:

There was an article in this past week’s Weather Vane that discussed the background behind “No-Shave November” and its largely unknown roots in raising cancer awareness.

And that is all well and good; I learned something I didn’t know.

But one thing that absolutely enraged me was a quote that said, “… Guys [who participate in No-Shave November] end up looking like mountain men, which is always a plus. However, girls should not strive to look like a mountain bear.”

Um, excuse me?

Why does having hair make “guys” into “mountain men,” but that same hair makes “girls” into “mountain bears?” Why can’t we be “mountain women?”

I’ve never understood the need to shave legs.

Sometimes I shave mine for comfort reasons (like leg hair getting stuck in leggings), but most of the time I don’t bother.

Who cares about leg hair?

Why are women expected to do something that men are not only exempt from doing, but are encouraged not to do?

Personally, I like leg hair on everyone. It shows that a person is okay with the way that their body naturally works. Plus, stubble is really uncomfortable to cuddle with.

I’m also an advocate for not shaving armpits.

I can understand to some degree; there’s the element of smell involved, so some people do it for sanitation reasons.

But overall, it’s much healthier for skin to be covered in hair there.

Razorburn happens for a reason, and that reason is shaving where your body doesn’t want to be shaved.

All these things aside, there’s only one thing I ask: Keep the standards equal across genders.

-Erin Freeman, Contributing Writer

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