“The Office” Is The Most Delightful Trainwreck Ever

Sophomore Alicia Poplett and Chafin Brumfield lounge in the dorm and watch "The Office."

Sophomore Alicia Poplett and Chafin Brumfield lounge in the dorm and watch “The Office.”

Midterm week is coming up, so of course I started looking for a new procrastination method, which I have found in the form of the television show, “The Office.”

It all began when I realized that during the week of midterms I have three exams, one quiz, and a presentation on top of all my regular work that is due. So when laying out my to-do list, procrastinating for three or four hours was obviously right on the top.

I began the long and treacherous search through my Netflix account look- ing for the perfect show to waste time with. I read the description for “Dexter” and for “My Strange Addiction”, but when I looked in the recommended for Brian Mason section –because I am too cheap to pay for my own Netflix so for the past year and a half I have been pilfering my significant other’s Netflix— it said “Based on your interest in: ‘The Truman Show’, ‘Too Cute!’ and ‘That 70’s Show,’ “here is ‘The Office.’”

At first I was like, “A show about an Office? Why in the world would I want to watch that?” but, running out of options, I decided that it was better than nothing.

From the first episode I was the perfect combination of horribly offend- ed and completely in love.

The show is shot like a documentary, with a camera crew filming what happens in an office and with employees’ lives. Being the romantic that I am, I immediately fell in love with the characters Pam and Jim and started rooting for their obvious impending romance –that took way too many seasons if you ask me.

I giggled and shrieked at all of Michael’s offensive actions and sayings. Sometimes he is stunningly like an ignorant, offensive train wreck. I want to look away but, in all honesty, I know I cannot and will not.

In the first season he holds a “Diversity Day,” where he teaches his employees about the so-called diversity in the office by going over the stereotypical ideas about different cultures. The entire episode is incredibly offensive — not just to me — but to his employees as well and in one scene he is actually slapped by one of them, not the last time during the show’s run .

Michael is portrayed as the lovable and unintentionally offensive idiot during the show’s run. He insists that in the office they are friends first and boss and employees second. He holds meetings at least once a day that literally have no point and if it was a real office, he would have been fired or sued before the first episode even was shot.

His shenanigans often involve Dwight, his psychotic sidekick who in the last episode I watched was verbally berated by Michael when he yells to him from the top of a roof that he is “an ignorant slut.”

Every character on that show is unique in their own respects, bringing diversity and hilarity to the show in every single episode. If you are looking for the perfect midterm distraction then I highly recommend watching “The Office.” It will bring tears to your eyes for many different reasons.

-Devon Fore, Ads Manager, Style Editor

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