Letter: Talk to the People!

Dear David Yoder,

At first I was confused, why congratulate EMU?

But, as I finished the editorial, I discovered why; you stated that, “this campus is boring,” but recognize that, “boring is good.”

This raises concern in my mind. What motivated such remarks? Do EMU students avoid disputed subjects?

Who are you asking?
I would encourage you to ask folks what they’re passionate about (or not). Talk to the people!

There are so many kinds of controversial topics, it is difficult to choose which issue to spearhead.

I’ve discovered that understanding the human condition is often clearer on the margins than in places of power.

I encourage you to recognize positions of power.

Are you a university student?

Are you a citizen of the United States?

Are you hungry?
Are you in prison?
Are you comfortable?
I challenge you to move towards the margins because this is not only where you might find inspiration to write an editorial, but maybe, a life calling too.

Your fellow student, friend, and brother,

Philip Jason Yoder

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