It Took Me Three Years to Take Pride in EMU

adam_poseyI’ll admit it, I complained last week when EMU worked so hard to clean the sidewalks so that we only had a delay on Friday rather than a closing.

I’ll even admit that in my previous three years here, I have been one of the biggest critics of EMU.

But sometime after going to Common Grounds and listening to Spiritual Life Week stories and meeting with a professor to just sit down and talk, I realized that we are in a pretty special place.

It took me three years to take pride in the school that I chose, the same school that I have to explain to people at home that it’s a school that’s right next to JMU, because they’ve never heard of it.

We just had David Falk make the Sportscenter Top Ten though.

We just had a week-long dialogue of people sharing their Christian faith stories.

We have professors that invest in us as students and want to know us. Those are things to be excited about.

When was the last time Bridgewater made Sportscenter?

What are the professor to student ratios at JMU?

I guess in my three years here I’ve gained perspective. I’ve looked at what is absent here and gotten upset.

Maybe we don’t get enough snow days. I mean, shame on Phys Plant for even trying right!? It totally makes sense to get upset with them for wanting to make campus safe.

I’ve been angry over how early breakfast ends in the cafeteria, the crazy parking ticket that I got sophomore year for parking in the gym parking

lot, the fountain not always being on, and for professors not cancelling class when I’m tired.

The perspective change finally came this year when I started to notice what an opportunity we have here.

Our baseball coach, Coach Spotts, always tells the team to take pride in being a Royal, after all, we chose it.

I took that to heart.

The same reasons that I chose to come here in the first place remain the reasons that I love being here.

This is a great place to be, on a campus with people who care about each other.

Although EMU may be a little different, and a little frustrating, I’m one proud Royal.

-Adam Posey, Staff Writer

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