Human Beings or Students?

I have become something that I always mocked. I am now one of the kids on the third floor of the library at 10 o’clock at night, losing sanity under the mind-numbing fluorescent lights and incessant drone of the overactive furnace.

My first year, I would look up at the library as I jaunted across campus, and pity the glazed-over faces I saw through the windows. Why join the ranks of the studious nocturnal? Because I want to get out of here as quickly as possible. This April, in fact.

To clarify, I have few regrets over coming to EMU. Rather, the problem lies in academia itself, and its institutionalized demands to sacrifice creativity and mental health for the sake of scheduled education.

Go on a walk under the meditative winter skies or go to class. Write a graphic novel or write a grammatical analysis. Dive into dumpsters with friends or dive into stress-triggered anxiety.

Professors, please understand that when we skip class and turn in work late without a good excuse, it may be because psychological well- being sounds insignificant when put in practical terms of time spent “irresponsibly” playing Dutch Blitz or cooking curries or losing ourselves in The Doors or listening to our best friends pour out their souls to us.

We are students, yes, but I encourage us first to be human beings.

-Randi B. Hagi, Co-Editor In Chief

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