David Falk Posterizes Randolph Defender on ESPN

“Here’s Eastern Mennonite center David Falk. Had two nice dunks. Woohoo! That’s, uh, Eastern Mennonite. Hello, Eastern Mennonite!” said ESPN’s Sports Center Top Ten sportscaster last Saturday. The national television network featured ten seconds of the men’s basketball 76-69 win against Randolph.

“I think getting Eastern Mennonite University and David Falk on the world’s most prominent sports network is a major coup,” said Sports Information Director James DeBoer. The clip was featured “alongside universitites like Ohio State, Duke, North Caroline, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Auburn, Arkan- sas, and LSU, as well as European soccer.”

DeBoer, with Senior Ryan Schloneger and JMU graduate student Taylor Mickelberry, submitted the videos to ESPN along with Falk’s standing in national rebounding and blocked shots stats. An editor at ESPN emailed back with the comment, “That dunk was nasty!”

Falk, a junior, said that “the only thing that went through my mind was I got a pretty nice dunk, but I had to forget about it quickly to make sure we would still win the game. It feels nice to get some recognition, but I also wish my whole team could be recognized because they all work just as hard as I do.”

DeBoer explained that the video “inflated our audience from perhaps a few thousand to a few million people.” Falk has been receiving a profusion of phone calls, texts, and social media messages.

“The goal of the Sports Information Department at EMU is to promote EMU student-athletes and their stories to the media,” said DeBoer, “but also to fans, alumni, and prospective students. Video is becoming more and more important among the avenues of how to reach people.”

Falk added, “I also couldn’t have done it without the great passes from teammate [Junior] Ryan Yates.”

-Randi B. Hagi and David Yoder, Co-Editors In Chief

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