Phil Tieszen: New Assistant Director of Student Programs

For all the fun activities that happen on campus—i.e., the barn dance, the Freelance Whales concert, Late Night in the Commons, all those week- end movies, etc.—there are students and directors behind them.

And, this year’s new Assistant Director of Student Programs is Phil Tieszen.When talking with Tieszen it was evident that he is passionate about his new position.

Tieszen said that he would “rather this article not be about [him],” when interviewed.

When explaining why he likes his new job Tieszen said, “as an admissions counselor last year, I was telling people about how cool EMU is, and now I get the opportunity to be at the source of the activities that make EMU a cool place.”

This year, Tieszen has been working to improve the game room and the rec sports programs, keeping fun CAC events going and starting new ones.

“We’ve had to come up with creative ways to bring changes to the game room. We don’t have a large budget,” said Tieszen.

The first noticeable improvement is the new paint on the walls. Gone are the weird shapes on the wall, now the game room features a black wall which will soon have chalkboard painted sections in which students can write brackets and scoreboards.

There is also an enlarged lounge area with couches and new tables, which were donated by Bob Steury— an EMU Board of Trustees member.

“We sold our old foosball table that kept falling apart, and bought a new sturdy one,” said Tieszen, “the old one would lose screws and had makeshift repairs done on it.”

A dartboard is another addition to the game room.

The game room is also increasing its hours, opening at noon on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and a new rec session will be opening on court B on Sunday evenings.

“Actually, there’s always been this time, people just don’t hear about it,” said Tieszen.

The rec time is being revamped to be a semi-structured time for people

to come and play some pick up volleyball or basketball. The rock wall is also open during this time.

Tieszen is also involved with running other CAC events such as the Tuesday trivia nights in Common Grounds. Trivia nights are held every other Tuesday with different hosts every time—the hosts after Spring Break will be Mark Sawin and Jason Good.

There will be new intramurals coming up after Spring Break. Registration dates are Feb. 13-23 and the sports in- clude women’s basketball, men’s and women’s outdoor soccer, and co-ed dodgeball.

To register a team, visit https:// intramurals/.

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