Breaking Routines

web_malachi_bontragerLast night I was at a basketball game, enjoying myself and settling in to have a relaxing and predictable night.

About ten minutes in, I was tapped on the shoulder by one of my friends and asked if I wanted to go to quiz night at Clementines.

I agreed and we went and while we did not come even remotely close to winning, it was a fun and new experience and I was glad that I tried it out.

This experience got me thinking about how routine my life can be and how predictable my life and many other college student’s lives are.

Is it enough to sleep, attend classes, eat, hang out with friends, do homework, watch Netflix and repeat the process every day?

I don’t think so.

We at EMU are privileged to have many, many opportunities and resources to expand our world and to mix things up.

I challenge you this week to go out and try something new.

Read a book. Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Go exploring. Say yes when your friends ask if you want to go on an adventure. Go on a run. Take time for yourself. Get off campus. Attend a flash seminar. Go on a hike. Take time to listen to a friend.

Change your schedule and be unpredictable, even if just for one day.

You may be disappointed, or you may find a new passion or interest.

This period in your life is one filled with opportunities- will you take advantage of them, or will you be predictable?

-Malachi Bontrager, Contributing Writer

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