Boring Campus is Stable

I want to congratulate EMU. Not in a facetious way, not in a snide way; I genuinely want to say good job because this campus is boring, but in the best way possible.

I need to write an editorial every two weeks, preferably about something controversial that is happening on campus. This week I have absolutely nothing to give my opinion on.

This is not to say that there is nothing happening on campus. There was a concert, there are always speakers, and the game against Bridgewater on Tuesday was fun, but what kind of column would that make?

I guess I could write a column about how I hate the Freelance Whales, (I don’t) or how controversial and poorly executed a flash seminar was (it wasn’t), but I think honesty is worth something so I will not be the proverbial troll.

I realize that there are also two legitimate controversies on campus, but I can only write about the listening process and the CLC so many times before I feel like I am beating a horse which died last semester.

All this is to say that I have no topic for my editorial this week. While I am perfectly willing to admit that this

means I am a boring and uninformed person, I like to tell myself that it is really a reflection of organizational and cultural stability at EMU.

Would it not be comforting to open the Daily News Record, The Washington Post, or the New York Times, and see that nothing had gotten the editor incensed that week.

There is no better way to get depressed than reading the opinion pages of the local paper.

In most papers, people either write things that depress me because they write ignorant opinions, or because they write very informative articles about depressing things. If nobody had anything to write about, it would mean that things were so stable and well run that they had become boring. I think EMU has achieved this mark.

I realize that things are not perfect and students gripe about things like tuition and the CLC and shower timers, but at the end of the day it seems like I have to invent a story to write an interesting opinion, which must mean that things are going well.

As the editor of the paper I wish I had a juicy story to write about; anything would do, from a trustee paying athletes to the President embezzling money.

However, as a student I am glad that none of this is happening. In this case, boring is good.

-David Yoder, Co-Editor In Chief

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