Smoking Area Correction

Last week, I wrote an editorial that broke just about every rule for good journalism and for good writing. First of all, I would like to correct the errors in my article.

First, my thesis was entirely wrong. The smoking area behind Rose Lawn is not for IEP students. In fact, the IEP director, Kathleen Ropp has requested the spot be removed multiple times. I also implied that any perceived isolation between EMU was a result of University policies.

I still believe that the cigarette butt receptacle behind North Lawn should be removed, but I recognize that it is not there because of the IEP program.

I now fully recognize that EMU and IEP have many different programs that are aimed at getting undergrad student and IEP students together and that any separation is due more to individual choice than it is to university policy.

Finally, at one point in my article I made the suggestion that the fictional smoking policy was somehow racist.

This was not helpful as commentary and I fully realize that accusations of racism should not be treated so lightly.

I apologize for not doing my homework on this article and apologize to anybody that I offended with my ludicrous accusation of racism.

As editor I have an obligation to research my stories and I did not meet that obligation.

-David Yoder, Co-Editor In Chief

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