I don’t apologize for what follows
And I don’t regret speaking what is true, Though I realize words provide me foes. Listen with open mind and spirit, too. Because I am gay you refuse to love;
You think lesbians can’t get into heaven. I’m the man you metaphorically shove,
The girl hearing Romans one two seven.
I don’t know if you’re wrong or if you’re right. Maybe I’ll burn for ever and ever,
But now let me bring this into the light:
No friendly linkage for sin should sever. The God I know loves me in spite of sin
(Is it sin to have gay relationship?)
But you, for my error, won’t let me in.
You even deny me simple friendship.
I ask not you think me morally good;
I only desire community.
Now remember where the prostitute stood When Jesus, drawing in sand, had pity.

-The Northlawn Poet, Contributing Writer

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