Not Enough Voices: A Copy Editor Speaks

landon heavenerI did not want to write this article.

I am a copy editor, and a very complainy one at that, because I am the last one to write an article.

To be honest, I am writing this because my two bosses told me that the only way they would order pizza instead of Chinese food for dinner tonight was if I wrote this.

Each week, I have to read every single article that is published in this paper. Sports, style, opinions, opinions, feature, opinions, and news.

Believe it or not, I enjoy hearing about the different events and getting to read from the many different voices on campus.

The catch: by many voices, I really only mean a few.

I am a senior but have only been doing this job for this academic year.

In that time though, I have noticed a trend.

We have the writers that we pay here. We have a few die-hard writers that do it because they are great people.

We have a few people to fall back on when we desperately need a story at 11 p.m. because we need to fill space. I appreciate all that these people have done, but I want to hear some new voices.

Out of EMU’s more than 900 students, surely some of you have done some writing you would like to share.

If not, maybe you would like to cover a story and see how you look with a yellow notepad in your hand.

If you are curious, stop by the basement of Maplewood on Wednesday evening and let us know.

There might be a piece of pizza left, but no promises; apparently you have to earn it.

Write about or investigate something.

At EMU we have plenty of forums, directed talks, or other meetings that include flowery talk and acronyms, but the only medium that we students have that is consistent and untarnished by non-students is the Weather Vane.

It would be nice to see the school newspaper be something that people are curious about, but all of the usual writers are running out of ideas, believe me (sorry guys).

Help us out.

If you are interested, feel free to contact editors Randi B. Hagi or David Yoder, or any of the other staff.

We are nice people.

-Landon Heavener, Copy Editor

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