Is Race The Real Dividing Factor in Today’s Society?


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we start to break everyone down to being a separate entity solely due to skin tone we are creating a divide that we, as a whole, abhor.

It breaks fellow human beings into being no more than a color— black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, etc.—and it is this division that leads to societal tensions among races. It is something that is best avoided, but we continue our system of making one of the most integral part of a person’s character their skin color.

When we boil down people into being different races we are creating a sense that there is an actual differentness based solely on skin tone.

It has the same meaning as saying that people are intrinsically different groups simply due to eye color, quality of teeth, or other entirely superficial characteristics.

There is no real meaning actually there—it is all a contrived way to break the human populace up into nice, neat groups.

This creates a sense of someone being the “other,” that they are different solely because of their race. And in order to try and limit the effect of this we create things such as Black History Month where we honor the differences among our history.

But it only helps to further divide us, even while it is trying to bring us together.

By designating things as belonging to a single race you are saying that there are separate groups out there, that the history of a single group is somehow inherently different from everyone else. It becomes another way to claim differences and form contentions.

If we ever want to do away with the tensions that at times surround race, we need to stop filling out race on forms (other than medical reasons where it actually could hold importance), celebrating racial history months, and identifying race as a substantial part of self. We need to ignore it so that it eventually goes completely away.

In terms of descriptions, skin tone is an important identifier not to mention a fast one. But, that is all it should be used for—description. But, beyond basic description it serves no true purpose.

If you wish for equality, stop highlighting race as something that has merit, because by doing so you are just adding to the problem that you wish to solve.

-Carrie Wilkie, Sports Editor

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