Racism: Still Alive and Well

Racism is something that is still prevalent today. Racism by definition is discrimination or prejudice based on race or the color of ones skin.

According to debate.org, 62 percent of people who answered the question “Is the problem of racism in the US a thing of the past?” said that it is still a problem. That left 38 percent who say yes racism is in the past. Many do not think that racism is seen today.

I disagree with these people. I have personally seen racism within the last 10 years. I do not, however, think that all of it is intentional.

When you classify someone as something due to a trait or language it can be looked at as racist. All people who speak a certain language are not all from the same place.

The same thing happens to people who look the same. This is called stereotyping. Not all people in one certain group are the same or like the same things.

In a way, I think that all people are a little bit racist. When you see someone of a different race or culture you think things that might not always be true.

This is not to say that doing this is wrong or condemning, but something to think about. Are those stereotypes that you think true or something that you have been told is true? I think that it has, in fact, gotten better through the years.

However, there is still a lot that can, and should, change for the better of all people.

-Ezrionna Brioleau, Contributing Writer

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