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Community is a point of emphasis at EMU. Our housing is even worked around the idea that we as students will want to spend time together with our dormitory family. But, these gatherings can leave some of our community feeling like outcasts.

Mass gatherings are not for everyone—there are those who would prefer events where the only people present are all well-known by everyone. But the sociality of community is geared towards bringing together everyone so that no one can feel excluded.

For the true introverts among you, these events that are tailored to make everyone feel included can have the opposite effect.

In large groups, introverts are prone to feeling lonely and overwhelmed by all the people surrounding them.

Introverts need the more intimate conversation able to be found in smaller groups to get the feeling of community—the kind of connection they seek is not easily found in large group settings.

So, the events spread throughout campus designed to bring all of campus together are events that most introverts will not feel as if they can get involved with and feel included. For a university that works towards bringing everyone into the feeling of community we fall short when it comes to reaching the introverts among us. The planned events are catered more towards extroverts on campus and that is limiting which students will join in.

We need to start more events on campus that will work towards including more of our campus into the community. There needs to be more introvert friendly activities on campus in order to avoid them feeling left out of the EMU community. If we are to be a community, then all need to feel a part of it.

-Carrie Wilkie, Sports Editor


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