Bus Shelter of Mistakes

Something that bothers me is the fact that we pay so much money to come to EMU, but we also have to pay to ride the bus.

We don’t pay the Harrisonburg department of public transportation to let students go on for free like JMU does.

I could understand if this was Blue Ridge Community College, being that they are way cheaper, but this is EMU and we pay way more than either BRCC or JMU for tuition.

Another thing to note is where the new bus shelter is located. No one interviewed the students that actually use the bus on where to put it. It’s located in the dumbest spot!

It’s not even a bus stop; the bus stop sign is across from the shelter, and the shelter doesn’t face the road. It faces away from the direction in which the bus heads.

I take the night bus because I work, and have to pick up my daughter. Unlike the day bus, the night bus only goes in front of the library.

If the people who decided to build that shelter would have interviewed or taken a poll of where to place the shelter, I could have told them to place it in front of the library. More than once, I have almost been passed up while waiting there in the dark for the bus. A couple times it rained, and I had left my umbrella at home, so guess who got soaked that day with her books?

In closing, I am infuriated because of having to pay to ride the bus when JMU students do not, and because of the shelter’s location. No one asked me or other people that use the bus where to put that shelter. The way it is facing is the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

-Norma Bazzle, Contributing Writer

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