Michael Takes the Cake

Yesterday the EMU game room played host to a ping pong tournament, yet another table sport tournament fueled by Assistant Director to Student Programs and Game Room Coordinator, Phil Tieszen.

The tournament followed the trend of the pool tournament, which took place two weeks ago, setting a mood of friendly competition combined with intense focus and determination.

Five people showed up to compete in the ping pong tournament, a considerably smaller number than were listed on the sign-up sheet. But that did not diminish the intensity levels.

Sophomore Alvin Michael led the charge, burning through all opponents he faced.

“It feels good to win,” he said, considering the circumstances of having reduced numbers show up for the event.

Michael brandished a serve that proved challenging for his opponents. Those who attempted returns usually swatted balls directly into the net or careened shots off the end of the table.

When his serve was returned, he deftly worked his opponents from side to side, creating off-balanced shots for the opposition.

Michael said he has been playing ping pong for, “a long time.” And the Verona, Va. native should not be doubted.

Even against his fiercest competition in the semifinal match, his skills proved too much to handle.

The game room this semester has seen much more action than in previous years. Some of this success can be attributed to the efforts of both Tieszen and First-Year Azariah Cox, both of whom have worked on creating the pool and ping pong tournaments of the Fall Semester.

Stay alert for more notifications concerning future game room tournaments. Like all rec-sports events, the winner walks away with the ever fashionable rec-sports champion t-shirt.

-Chris Yoder, Staff Writer

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