Is it a Christian University?

“Eastern Mennonite University a Christian university like no other.” This is EMU’s most predominant marketing slogan and what many people of the public think of when EMU comes to mind.

We are a Christian university that is based out of the Mennonite Anabaptist faith. Being such a university, there are certain protocol that must be followed concerning all areas dealing with the university.

EMU hiring policy for its staff follows that any employee to be hired must be in an accordance with the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective and Community Lifestyle Commitment. There is an increasing push on EMU administration for there to be allowed the hiring of LGBTQ faculty in openly committed relationships. Noting this there must be the realization that those wanting this change are desiring the university’s governing board to change what goes against the stated policies of the university when dealing with faculty.

The change would call for a complete change of school policy and also deal with making a very different image for the university. It would be taking the Christian elements of EMU and requesting to change a whole point of its establishment.

Being allowed to hire openly committed LGBTQ faculty would be completely displacing some core belief systems of the university. There is just one decision to be made with this. Either EMU stays a Christian university or conforms to political correctness and has to change its own presentation.

-Jeremiah Hines, Guest Writer

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