On The Sidewalk By Mariah Elliot

What do you think the world needs saving from?

"Dumb people." -Mariana Arostegui, Sophomore

“Dumb people.”
-Mariana Arostegui, Sophomore

"From me." -Giulio Garner, Sophomore

“From me.”
-Giulio Garner, Sophomore

"Individualism." -Rachel Bowman, Sophomore

-Rachel Bowman, Sophomore

"Everything: Satan, sin, envy, greed." -Darian Cope, First-Year

“Everything: Satan, sin, envy, greed.”
-Darian Cope, First-Year

"Dumb individualists." -Everett Brubaker, Junior

“Dumb individualists.”
-Everett Brubaker, Junior





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