Pockets Full of Wins: EMU Pool Tournament a Hit

With one ball remaining on the table, sophomore Caleb Hinga lined up the eight ball for the side pocket. He reached back and shot, the eight ball pocketing solidly into the side pocket. But the cue ball caromed into the far corner pocket. Game over. Abdullah Alqahtani, IEP student, had won the EMU pool tournament.

On Tuesday night, Nov. 12, the game room was alive with activity as the sound of breaking pool balls played around the room. First-years through seniors participated in the event; 11 students competed in the double elimination tournament.

Abdullah Alqahtani arose victorious, playing his way through the winners bracket.

He breezed through his first two matchups beating both myself and First-Year Alex Crespo. Then he met Hinga for their first matchup of the night. Hinga played well in the match, outplaying Alqahtani through all balls.

But luck, it would appear, was not on Hinga’s side. For the first time of the night, Hinga lost to Alqahtani by a scratch on the eight ball.

Alqahtani then faced off against Phil Tieszen, Assistant Director of Student Programs.

Having defeated Tieszen, Alqahtani secured his place in the final match.

Whomever was to meet him in the finals had to play their way through the losers’ bracket.

In the losers bracket, Tieszen met Hinga for a battle to advance to the championship match.

In yet another close game, Hinga pulled away victorious to advance to the championship game.

Alqahtani would not be outdone.

With a sense of calm confidence, both Hinga and Alqahtani lined up shots with ease, pocketed balls, and struck well.

With only eight balls remaining, the match was tied.

Alqahtani was victorious.

After winning, Alqahtani first expressed his apologies to every person he triumphed over, especially Hinga.

Then, with a large smile on his face, he declared he was “very happy” that he won the tournament.

This tournament, according to Tieszen, was not the first pool tournament to be held at EMU.

It was, however, one of the first intentionally well-publicized tournaments for the school.

Tieszen, new to the position as chief-facilitator of receational sports, the game room, and CAC events, said that a student, First-year Azariah Cox, approached him with the idea for a pool tournament.

From there, a sign-up sheet was placed in the game room in order to gauge the student interest level.

“Things have to come from the students,” Tieszen said.

And come from the students it did.

12 people signed up for the tournament, 11 participated. Tieszen, after seeing students stick around to cheer for and analyze the championship match from a pool perspective, declared the tournament a success.

It was well attended, moved at a good pace, and most importantly, people had fun.

-Chris Yoder, Staff Writer

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