Graffiti: Art We Should Encourage on Campus

web_hailey_holcomb2Graffiti is one of the topics that do not spark heated debates and arguments, which is either accepted or persecuted.

Here in the States, graffiti can get a person some pretty hefty fines and even some jail time for repeat offenders.  However, in some countries graffiti is an accepted part of cultural expression. There are even a few countries in which “professional graffiti artist” is a legitimate job title.

Many would say that is not true graffiti, that graffiti is just some illegal tagging, not real art. But graffiti is an art form. It is a style through which artists have found expression.

These expressions come out as murals that span across entire building walls, or perhaps profiles of characters straight from the artist’s imagination, or even just simple words such as ‘peace’ and ‘love.’

Seeing these works of art on the streets, on the off chance that I see them, is the bright spot in my day. They are my reminder of the beauty of life. Even ordinary days have some glimmer of beauty, and in the rougher neighborhoods, it is a reminder that beauty, culture, and true artistry are not limited to the upper classes of society.

Thankfully, it has become a trend in larger cities to accept graffiti as an art form. On the streets of New York City you can find artists selling their work, you can even watch them as they create their masterpieces.

Even in Northern Virginia, there are businesses that have allowed the back walls of their stores to be used as a place of free expression. At EMU we should allow for more places of free expression through graffiti.

-Hailey Holcomb, Sports Editor

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