Halloween Night Activities: Many Forms of Spooky Fun

Halloween is a time for costumes, creative or not, pumpkins that are craftily carved or smashed on concrete, and parties – with or without alcohol – for people to partake in and enjoy. EMU hosted various Halloween inspired events such as the Spooky Soiree on Friday, a costume party/contest held at Park Woods Cabin that included Halloween trivia, as well as a late night Saturday showing of the movie “Warm Bodies.” The literary club, Inklings, hosted a fireside poetry and scary story telling event on Halloween day by Park Woods Cabin.

Many of the events at or around EMU warranted a Halloween ensemble. Lack of resources seemed to have forced many EMU students to be more creative about their costumes. Many trips to Gift and Thrift as well as other second hand stores were made to create costumes that were both memorable and easy on people’s bank accounts.

Rehana Franklin, Sophomore, used a slip she bought from Gift and Thrift to construct her Freudian slip costume. “My inspiration came from conversations with friends and my desire to be quirky as well as preserve a sense of cleverness in the Halloween festivities.”

Sophomore Meggan Garcia Sheridan, who dressed as a Flamenco dancer for the Park Woods Halloween Party, said, “Inspiration for my costume basically came from the fact that I am a broke college student who could not afford to spend much money. I knew I had the dress and I have a strong love of almost any type of dance so I went with it. Sometimes flat brokenness is the best creativity sparker.”

Sophomore Kate Swartz embodied creativeness and thriftiness when she created her Halloween costume. “I have always liked Frida Kahlo’s artwork, and she is an easily recognizable artist –what with the unibrow and all. It was really easy to assemble my costume: I used a dress my mom bought in Mexico, drew on a unibrow with eyeliner, and bought fake flowers from Gift & Thrift to put in my hair – Voila!”

There were various other Halloween activities going on around Harrisonburg that students participated in. First-Year Jessica Herring went to Field of Screams, a haunted corn maze, and immensely enjoyed the experience. “The whole maze was awesome. I was being scared at every single corner in completely new ways.”

First-Year Ezrionna Prioleau and some of her friends went to the Rocky Horror Picture show at Court Square Theatre. “Being able to interact with the movie, especially the dancing, was probably one of the best parts of the experience besides getting to watch my friend’s reactions as they lost their Rocky Horror virginity.”

Harrisonburg – and EMU closer to Halloween – offer different options for Halloween-type activities all through the month of October.

-Devon Fore, Feature Editor

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