Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I have read many times on the Opinion Pages of the Weather Vane talk of justice and fairness regarding sexual preference and gender issues. There has been little to no mention of racial healing in our community and in our nation. Why is that issue dismissed?

Is that really no longer an issue that blacks and whites live in harmony here? I believe that is such a basic issue that the healing of that wound will bring a realization of the oneness of humanity that will shed light on other issues such as sexual preference and gender, and I believe that race is a spiritual issue. At the time of the Civil War several denominations split, such as the Baptists into Southern Baptists, and Methodists into Methodists and Wesleyans. I believe that religion can play a major role in racial healing and I believe that race is an issue that must not be easily dismissed.

Sincerely, Jay Bender

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