Facebook Addiction a Serious Problem for Many

web_devin_hallI joined Facebook back in Aug. 2005; I was a freshman at Longwood University starting a new chapter of my young life. I had just finished possibly one of the most influential jobs I have ever had.

I was a camp counselor at Camp Staunton Meadows. I had met people from all over the world. I had friends from England, Australia and even Russia. How was I ever going to be able to stay in touch with all these people? Well, as I sat at my desk my roommates were talking about this social website called Facebook. I asked them what Facebook was all about and they told me that it was a way to stay in touch with friends from all over. I immediately was sold on the “staying in touch” part.

I logged in for the first time and knew that my life would never be the same again. I was able to add all my friends from camp and soon found how easy it was to send a message to my friend in Russia without having to pay postal fees.

I could not believe this Facebook, I was amazed, and I would go as far to say I was in love. I know that is sad. As the years went on, I would add more people to my Facebook account and would login daily to see if I had any new friends or messages. It became somewhat of a hobby.

I would go to class, work, or whatever I was doing to spend my time in those days, and would sit down at my computer and log on to Facebook. I remember my first e-mail and I even remember my password! I recall that feeling of excitement when I found a new friend or better yet, a new mes- sage from a long lost friend; it was somewhat of a thrill.

It soon become clear from my Facebook searches that more and more people were joining the site. I soon found myself finding friends from high school, church and even elementary school. I would stake out a person and see how long it would take for them to add me. If nothing happened, I would take the opportunity to strike and add them first.

It was during this time I realized I had a problem. Waiting for people to add me on Facebook, border-line stalking them! I was out of control. The symptoms of my addiction soon worsened. I would bring Facebook up in everyday conversations and talk about different people’s status updates and even investigate different people’s profiles. I was stalking fellow Facebook users.

I can admit that now. I would think of catchy status updates, what would be a good profile picture and the best way to get people to like my statuses. Like I said before, I was out of control. Coming to terms with being a “Facebook addict” is not easy.

It has been really tough to try and cut back on my Facebook usage, but I cannot do it alone. I have to check my page every day.

It is part of my life now. Not logging into my Facebook would be like not eating 3 meals a day. It has become second nature to me now.

It is part of my life and the lives of the 800 million people that are registered on Facebook. Life as we know it will never be the same. Imagine a time when people had to communicate face to face.

A time when phone calls or the weekly meet ups at the local supermarket were status updates.

A time before Facebook, is it possible to even remember those days? According to Google, there are over 6 billion people in the world today; 800 million of those people are on Facebook. Facebook has become part of daily life for many users. Speaking personally, it is a rare day that I don’t check Facebook; I am actually logged in while typing this opinion.

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