CAC Barn Dance a Success

The barn dance last Friday was a hit. Current EMU students and prospective students came out to Showalter Barn at 8 p.m. for this event sponsored by the CAC, and seemingly, everyone that went had a good time. According to First-Year Kim Lam, “It was really fun and gives you a chance to meet new people.” Prospective student Jenae Longenecker felt similarly. “Because the dancing was so structured, it was a relaxing way to get to know people and get a taste of student life,” Longenecker said.

The type of dancing that Longenecker described included every kind of geometric dance – circle, line, square – including the “Texas Star” and “Virginia Reel.” Participants learned how to “do-si-do,” “promenade,” “strip the willow,” and “peel the banana” in these dances. But, when the dancing got tiresome, the band allowed plenty of time for casual waltzing or socializing with a cup of chilled apple cider in hand.

The apples and cider were one of the nicer treats for some students, such as First-Year Sara Stoltzfus, who said “I enjoyed the apples, it got me in the Fall mood.”

The admittance of prospective students for free, rather than the $2 price for other attendees, allowed them a good opportunity to meet current students in a fun way. Prospective student Katie Shank said, “From the point of view of a prospective student, it was an easy way to feel comfortable and it gave me a window into EMU campus life.”The barn dance is an annual event of fun fall festivity, so for those who did not come this time, next year will be your opportunity. Just make sure to follow Lam’s advice to “wear comfy shoes” because you will be dancing the whole night.

-Bethannie Parks, Style Editor

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