Be a Punk! Following Your Dreams for a Life You Love

web_Alicia CalkinsWe are all looking for the right path to go on, the best way to accomplish our goals, and a way to become successful. We have all grown up watching the generation before us take this path, which would lead this way. Is that embedded in our minds now?

What if we did not follow mainstream footprints that have been stepped on over and over again?

What if we actually followed our dreams?

Do you know what your passion is? What do you love?

So many times we are oppressed by the expectations of our families and friends. They expect us to be this, or that, or go to graduate school and get a Master’s Degree in “I’ve fulfilled my expectations for society’s standards” and then go on to get an amazing job making lots of money and everyone will be happy.

Will the American Dream make us happy?

There are so many millionaires with all of their money piles sitting around as they just collect more.

When they receive all of the money in the world, and it is piled around their gem-encrusted ceiling, what’s next?

As we are walking through school, we may have great freedom to choose our degree. Sometimes we can be bogged down with what our family wants us to succeed in, but we can take a chance on what WE want to do. We can do anything we want to

You can do anything you want to. I am not trying to sound anarchist, but could not a positive punk attitude be a changing force in the world?

If you were to actually be yourself, living in what you love, we could live in the unity of our differences.

We would not have to worry about conforming to others and being a part of what we don’t want to be. Letting go of these tensions, we can live in freedom. We could actually live a life we love.

-Alicia Calkins, Arts Editor

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