Women’s Basketball Team Gets Geared up for Season

The women’s basketball season has begun, and EMU is on the cusp of another exciting athletic campaign.

Coach Kevin Griffin commented on the nature of this year’s team and seems to display some very hopeful sentiments for the upcoming season.

There are some clear hurdles that the team has to overcome, but the overall quality of the team seems to be unquestionable.

“Yesterday was our first practice, so it was the first real chance I had to look at them together. We worked very hard and I was really pleased with that.”

Whereas the differences between this year and last may be difficult to clearly discern, Griffin was able to offer some observations.

“Comparing this team to last year’s team will be difficult to do. Last year was great and we have many of those same pieces but we are also missing some parts.”

According to Griffin, “There are three players that we had last year that are not with us and it will be inter- esting to see if we can replace them in some way.”

The health of the players may be the source of some stress.

Griffin said, “The surprises have been just that we are so injured and beat up physically, we need to get healthy.”

“I think we are all excited and we know that we have a chance to be good but we are also very realistic that we need to get healthy and sometimes you need some luck and. . . most of all we just need to really really work hard and that will dictate how well we play,” Griffin said.

The team will attempt to recapture last year’s success, in which they finished 21-7, captured a confrence record of 15-1, and earned a bid in the NCAA national tournament.

-Rehana Franklin, Staff Writer

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