Virginia Mennonite Conference Ordains Campus Pastor

Lana Miller, EMU's new campus pastor, at her ordination.

Lana Miller, EMU’s new campus pastor, at her ordination.

The ordination of Lana Miller, campus pastor, was a service with the intent to affirm a member of the body of Christ. New as a campus pastor this fall, Miller was ordained in the Virginia Mennonite Conference in the late afternoon on Sunday, Oct. 6. The service was held in Martin Chapel. Members of the community, seminary, and undergraduates were in attendance.

Senior Nicole Groff said, “I think it is important to come around Lana in support of her role as campus pastor. As a Pastoral Assistant, I feel supported and encouraged by her and I want to show the same support back to her.”

Miller originally trained to be a chemistry teacher. But, at the age of 23, she asked God to tell her what to do with her life. In a matter of days a church leader came up to her and suggested she should apply for the youth pastor position at her church.

From then on she pursued a career in ministry.

She attended Eastern Mennonite Seminary, was ordained in the Indiana-Michigan Mennonite Conference, and served in Southeast Asia from 2008 up until a year ago.

Wendy Miller, professor emerita, shared, “[Lana Miller] draws people into stillness towards God. [She] understood that young people need God more than pizza.”

Lee Martin said, “Lana is a deep listener and an articulate speaker.” During the service, songs were sung that highlighted God’s presence in the body of Christ.

Scriptures were read by Groff and Junior Savanna Lester. The ordination was officiated by Kevin Clark, Campus Minister and Brian Martin Burkholder, Campus Pastor.

Senior Katie Miller sang and accompanied on the piano for a response to the ordination.

Following, Lana Miller expressed to those in attendance that her journey of ministry has been, “full of joy, challenge, and difficulty.” Her question to God was never whether to continue on the journey, but how to.

Lana Miller said,” I am thankful to be able to serve.” Having been previously ordained, it was not required for Lana Miller to be ordained in Virginia in order to be a Campus Pastor.

-Ellen Roth, Web Editor; photo credit, Michelle Mitchell

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