To the Top of the Fire Tower

CAC and EMU Explore teamed up to provide opportunities for outdoor fun as part of Adventure Weekend.

EMU Explore is a student club on campus that leads trips for rock climbing, caving, hiking, and canoeing to different places around the area in order to expose students to the great amount of resources for outdoor enjoyment.

On Saturday, a group of twelve students took advantage of the summer weather to hike to High Knob Fire Tower, located just inside the West Virginia border. Explore president Amanda Helfrich led the group.

The trail is about a mile and a half, and increases in altitude approximately 600 feet total.

The hike presented an uphill challenge without losing the satisfaction of being immersed in nature with classmates and friends.

During the hike, the group came to know each other a little better, and marveled at the beauty of the area.

Despite the excessive amount of heat for October, the group continued on with no complaints and found the view from the fire tower worth the trek once they arrived.

Many of the trees were changing colors and made a beautiful background for pictures.

While there, students enjoyed posing for pictures, reading, and looking out at the view from all sides of the fire tower.

Several other families also took advantage of the warm and sunny day, and the group interacted with a few of the people that were also on the trail.

The students were grateful to receive the opportunity to get off campus for an afternoon, not worry about homework, and soak in the view at the top.

The sleeping hikers in the back of the vans returning to EMU proved that it was a tiring but good day.

-Amanda Helfrich, contributing writer

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