Rocktown Rollers Completely Crush their Competition

Last Saturday at Funky’s Skate Center, the Rocktown Rollers crushed the Greenbrier Roller Vixens 245 to 86 in their ninth Roller Derby bout this year.

A Roller Derby bout lasts one hour, but is split into two 30 minute periods. Each team has five girls — three blockers, one jammer, and one pivot — on the floor during the period.

Each period consist of multiple jams, which last two minutes max, and points are scored during the jams.

The Jammer is the only player that can score points. She is identified by the star on her helmet, and her job is to break apart from the pack and lap members of the opposing team in order to score points. There is also the pivot that dictates the speed of the jam and can replace the jammer if need be.

The pack consists of both teams’ three blockers whose job it is to stop the opposing team’s jammer from getting around them while helping their own jammer through. The jammers start behind the pack and try to weave their way through to get to the front and then around the pack.

The jammer scores no points the first time around. However the second time, you score a point for every opposing team member you pass, including people in the penalty box.

The first jammer to clear the pack and come out in front is specified as the lead jammer and this jammer can end the jam early by putting her hands on her hips.

The star jammer of the Rollers was number 213, MaLuvicent, who was the dominant jammer scoring almost all of the team’s points with negative one, Eff in Aye, assisting and dominating as a blocker taking out anyone who skated into MaLuvicent’s way.

The bulk of the action happened while the Jammer was trying to get through the pack. Eff in Aye knocked the entire Greenbrier Roller Vixens’ team over at some point during the bout, and when she wasn’t brutalizing on the floor she was lounging in the penalty box. Knocking your opponents over is legal but elbows of any type are not, not that it stopped either team from executing them on their opposing team’s various body parts.

Right before the first period more than half of the Rocktown Rollers found themselves in the penalty box at the same time. Even with this advantage the Vixens couldn’t come close to closing the gap in score.

In comparison to the movie Whip It, this bout was tame, but that isn’t said to discredit the hits, elbows, and cheap shots that these women took on Saturday night.

It didn’t matter how many times they got knocked down, they always got back up, though sometimes slower and in more pain. The Rocktown Rollers earned every single point and skated away celebrating their brutal victory.

-Devon Fore, Feature Editor

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