Year Two: Rise of the Golfers

In their second year at EMU, the men’s golf team is underway with their fall schedule that includes four tournaments.

Four of the six golfers are returning from last year’s inaugural season, providing some leadership to their new members.

“With guys who are experienced, we all just listen to what each other has to say,” said Senior John Toney, “We all help each other out and are leaders to each other,”

At most tournaments a school sends five players to make up their team, with the top four scores being recorded. So while golf is an individualized sport, they also rely on each other to do well.

“Right now we are just working as a team to do better at tournaments. We all play well at our home course, but the tournament atmosphere has a different effect on you so we are working to get comfortable with that,” said Senior Zach Bowles.

It also helps to have a year of experience as a program. While everything was new last year, the team has become more familiar with each other and their head coach Wendell Eberly.

“A year of experience is very helpful,” said Eberly. “The players and I now know what to expect at tournaments and that it also requires more practice to be competitive than when they played in high school.”

“This year we know what to expect out of each other. We know our strengths and weaknesses around the golf course and we know how to pick each other up,” said Toney.

The men have completed tournaments in Harrisonburg and Farmville and will travel to Winchester before wrapping up the fall season in Glen Allen. They will then have time to prepare for the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) championship which is being held in April.

“We’re working hard every day with ODACs in mind. Coach Eberly expects us to give our best so that we can continue to push this program forward,” said Toney.

 -Adam Posey, Staff Writer

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