Royals Challenged to Get Fit

Though not well publicized right now, you may have seen some advertisements about joining the Royal Challenge happening on campus.

This is a new way for the campus to be healthy as a community.

The focus of the challenges is on holistic student development. Students will gain a sound mind, body, and spirit by working together to get in shape and reach goals.

It is also a time for students to develop physically with the social support.

Philip Tieszen, Assistant Director of Student Programs, is helping to kick off the pilot year of the Royal Challenge.

“It is tough to get up off the couch by yourself and get in shape, but being motivated by a support group of peers to train with helps,” said Tieszen.

The Royal Challenge includes four different events. There is the President’s Assistant 5k walk, the Dean of Undergraduate Students 5k run, Vice President of Student Life 10k, and the Graduate Dean half marathon.

Students can sign up as individuals or to be part of a training group.

They will work together with a captain and peers following a workout plan preparing them for the event signed up for.

“This is a way to get together, have a common goal, and follow through,” said Tieszen.

Sophomore Yolanda Rice is signed up to participate in the 5k run.

“I would like to exercise this year. It is a way to get to know people and do something fun while being held accountable,” said Rice.

Right now there is only one team signed up for the 5k, but there is plenty of time for you to sign up and be part of the challenge!

Students can go to the EMU webpage, under student life, recsports, and then intramurals, to join the challenge.

Plans are in the works for a training schedule. The event day is Nov. 9 so there is still time to join and train.

-Mariah Elliot, Staff Writer

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