Behind The Scenes Cast Fills Campus with Diversity


Diann Harman a lead custodian at EMU.

Have you ever wondered how those huge messes you leave behind in your lounges before you go to bed somehow have vanished by the morning? There are not magical fairies that roam the halls and flick their wands to make the trash disappear. While EMU’s faculty and staff could be described as magical and charming, they use hard work, not their wands, to keep our buildings clean. EMU has about 15 custodians that work year round to help with student housing.

Diann Harman is a lead custodian for the team who takes care of the Science Center, the Library, Elmwood, Maplewood, Cedarwood, and Parkwood Apartments. EMU strives to be a faith-based community. Harman explained that her faith is very important to her. She is “glad to be a part of a workplace that values and encourages that faith.”

Harman was born in East Tennessee. With her family, she moved to Rockingham County, Va. when she was six years old. She attended Turner Ashby High School, and then spent a couple of semesters at James Madison University. As she works, Harman always has a smile as students run past, hurrying to their classes, and she asks how their day is going.

She commented that her “favorite part of working at EMU is the people with whom [she] comes in contact, both students and staff.”

Harman said she really enjoys “being part of a community in which there is a wide diversity in viewpoints and opinions.”

In 2006, she started to work at EMU. This was in response to her daughters’ expenses as they attended college.

Harman also enjoys reading and traveling in her spare time. When asked about her favorite food, she responded with, a “rare rib eye steak, with a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich running a close second.”

There are many stories and smiles engrained in the staff of EMU. Stories and smiles that can be seen and shared as you greet in passing or stop to discuss.

Have you wondered about asking those who may be in a different pair of shoes compared to you, how they have gotten where they are?

EMU is full of individuals, not just professors but faculty and staff that have unique life stories. We bring our testimonies to help create a flourishing environment where we also can share and learn about each other.

Harman is one of the many faculty and staff members who provide opportunities for conversation and connection.

-Alicia Calkins, Arts Editor

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