Glow Dance: Fun or Flop?

Students crowd-surfing on the night of the Glow Dance.

Students crowd-surfing on the night of the Glow Dance.

Last Friday, at 10 p.m. the Black Box Theater opened its doors for the Glow Dance. The name is fitting, since the dance literally glows. Glow sticks were handed out to dancers at the door, and a black light shone from the ceiling, giving neon luminescence to white, yellow, and pink clothing. Some people even broke open the glow sticks they were given, and dripped the lustrous liquid onto their clothes to give a glowing, paint-splattered look. The strobe light that was used sparingly throughout the dance added the final touch, making this Glow Dance a visual treat.

However, while the Glow Dance lived up to expectations visually, many felt it was lacking in everything else. According to First-year Virginia Baisden, “It was fun, but it was hot. It was [also] aggravating that they would only play half a song.” Indeed, there were random shifts in songs just as the crowd seemed to be getting into the music, and the change from the middle of a fast-paced song to the slow intro of another was daunting and annoying for many dancers. At one point, about an hour into the dance, the DJ

switched suddenly from playing “Gangnam Style” to the “Harlem Shake.” By the time students had adjusted to the unexpected change and started dancing again, not even half a minute into the “Harlem Shake,” the DJ went back to “Gangnam Style.” The mashup was not well executed, and the crowd seemed more confused than pleased with these sudden shifts.

There were some people who par- tied hard in spite of the musical challenges, though. First-year Shay Whetzel made sure he was at the Black Box before the doors opened, and once he got in, the whole time he was there, he danced until he sweated. When asked about how he felt about the Glow Dance, Whetzel said, “It was fun to let my wild side out and just hang out with my friends.” There were others like Whetzel who took the night for all it was worth, dancing even when the music did not make sense, and just having a good time.

Overall, there were mixed feelings about the Glow Dance last Friday. Some loved it, some hated it, and some were in the middle. As stated by Sophomore Rebekah York, “It was really fun to let loose and be crazy, but I don’t think I’ll be going again.”

-Bethannie Parks, Style Editor

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