Campus Wide Internet Issues

Maybe you have noticed some problems with the internet. Or maybe you haven’t had any issues, and are curious as to why so many students and staff on campus seem to be mentioning this issue.

Out of the seventy five students, faculty, and staff surveyed on campus sixty seven mentioned having problems with their internet access. The other eight who have not noticed problems were students who live off campus, and don’t regularly use the internet while on campus. So there is an issue.

Sophomore Meggan Sheridan noticed the issue shortly after having to download and then re- download things. She mentioned, “It’s frustrating that it takes awhile for things to upload.”

Ben Beachy, associate director of information systems, has sent out several campus wide emails explaining the problem. According to Beachy, it is difficult to figure out the issue because it is not a problem with EMU, but with the internet service provider, Lumos.

Lumos has identified that it is a problem on their end, but they are not sure what the problem actually is. They will soon have a technician come out to campus to check things out. It sounds like an easy fix, but it is not. According to Ben

“The only way to diagnose the problem is to disconnect the system. We’re faced with a choice to make it worse in order to make it better or stick with the issue”.

A technician will only come out between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The internet could get fixed during those hours except there is data showing how much and when the internet is being used on campus. According to data it is most used between 10am- midnight weekdays, and until 1-2am on weekends. The problem is trying to find an off hours time when a technician can come out.

Senior David Everett, who lives off campus, but spends a lot of time on campus said, “My home internet is three times as fast, but I want to come to campus to be productive, and it’s really slow. I have to download things over and over.”

Not only are students impacted, but some professors are as well. Social Sciences professor Deanna Durham said “I tried to play a video in class and it kept buffering. Other than that it doesn’t impact me as much as it seems to impact others.”

The campus internet is more of a problem this year than it has been in the past, but we need to remember that information systems is doing what they can to fix this issue, and working as fast as they can. It is out of the hands of EMU, and now we all just need to have some patience as the issue is being worked on.

-Mariah Elliot, Staff Writer

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