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Greetings from this year’s co- editors, Randi B. Hagi and David Yoder. If this is your first time reading, allow us to explain some things about your university paper. The Weather Vane seeks to provide students with a forum for discussion that is both intelligent and insightful. We welcome all opinions, including those critical of us, and we encourage respectful disagreement. If you have a viewpoint that you feel needs to be heard, we invite you to send a letter to the editors at wvane@ emu.edu. Our policy is to print as many letters to the editors as possible, cutting only when space or relevance are issues, and editing only for clarity. If you feel we have committed an error and need to be corrected, we urge you to write us.

We also seek to provide a reliable source of news and information for the EMU campus at large. This means that we will report on events and occurrences that are important to the campus. We will do this respectfully, and in a way that maintains community. It is not our job to shy away from controversy, but it is our job to make sure that we report on it, giving voice to all relevant or involved perspectives in a way that minimizes harm. We will not publish rumors or unsupported information. Our hope is that we will provide a source of information that is consistent and thorough in both its coverage and quality.

The Weather Vane also hopes to entertain. We hope that we can do this with good writing, and by choosing stories that are significant, informative, and edifying to the student body.

This does not mean that we will always choose a story that is important to the entire campus, or that we will have space and time to cover every student group and event. However, we will do our best to provide coverage that is relevant and entertaining to all of the EMU student body. When we fail, we invite you to complain, or simply to throw the paper away. Let us know what we are doing wrong, so that we may improve.

Randi B. Hagi, a senior Writing Studies major, returns to the co-editorship after having served in the position during last fall semester, 2012. Her hometown is Seneca Rocks, W.Va.

David Yoder, a senior English and History major will serve as co- editor for the first time, after work- ing as the opinion editor in the fall of 2012. His hometown is Kalona, IA.

-Randi B. Hagi, David Yoder, Co-Editors In Chief

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