New Coach on Campus: Porter Takes Over the Reins

Dominick Porter takes over as Men's Volleyball Coach

Dominick Porter takes over as Men’s Volleyball Coach

As the student body gathers back at EMU, there are many changes that come with the new year. Several new faces can be seen across campus in different department offices. One familiar face assuming a new role in the Athletic Department is Dominick Porter, new head coach of the EMU men’s volleyball team.

Porter was hired for the start of the school year, in what may seem like a natural transition. He has been an as- sistant coach for the team for the last couple of years.

Last year’s head coach, Gary Moore, was fired due to a criminal charge and sentencing involving an incident before coming to coach at EMU.

Porter came to EMU originally as a student in 2003. His aspirations were to play baseball or run track. Those plans changed when he attended an open gym of the men’s volleyball team and really enjoyed playing.
In years prior to 2003, EMU volleyball was becoming a team with a winning record. Porter still holds the record for highest career hitting percentage at EMU.

After graduating in 2007, Porter was working at a brewery when he realized that he wanted to play volleyball professionally. He looked up overseas teams online, hired an agent, and spent a few years playing for the Spanish and German teams. In 2011, Porter moved back to the United States after receiving a call from the assistant coach for the United States national volleyball team asking him to play.

His volleyball experiences also took him to play some summers in Indonesia.

In more recent years, Porter has come back to Virginia to be the assistant volleyball coach on various teams at EMHS and also at EMU.

Porter said, “I am comfortable in the environment here. It is a good place. The three million dollar paycheck isn’t bad either.”
As the team starts open gyms this fall, Porter is looking towards developing this year’s team.

“We need to play our competition,” Porter said, “our caliber of team, before playing teams in upper divisions.”

This is something he feels has lacked in past seasons. His goal for this year’s season is making the conference tournament. This will be no simple task, four out of the top 10 teams in Division III are in the Continental Volleyball Conference.

In order to make it to the tournament, Porter says, “We’ll need patience and a perfect practice.”

The team faces a new start due to several seniors having graduated after last season. Porter stated that this upcoming team may be the most physically capable team at EMU in recent history. There are an anticipated four first-years and one transfer student ex- pected to join the team this winter. Por- ter encourages any potential players to come out to the open gyms currently being held.

The preseason will start in November, with the official season starting in January.

-Ellen Roth, Web Manager; photo cred. Sierra Comer

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