Finding Opportunity at EMU

This year I am a first-year at EMU, so I have been experiencing a lot of new things. Within the past couple weeks, I learned how to share a room, I locked myself out of my hall, and I even ran into a few doors. I know I will be in tune with everything eventually, but it has been difficult recently. Previously, I had been with the same classmates for the past twelve years. Now, I am surrounded by all new people and am on a whole new schedule. I have to manage my time differently. I have to study and work hard. There is no room for slacking off like in high school. It is a challenge to adapt to this new environment.

Even though everything about college is new to me, I am still happy to be here. It is a big step in my life, and I know that it is worth the struggle. Plus, not everything is bad. I am taking a rock climbing class, and I was so scared to climb. However, when I got up on the rock, my classmates down on the ground gave me tips and helped me climb up – almost to the top. It was a big accomplishment for me. I was very thankful to have help; I needed it. Also, I danced on stage for the first time at the variety show. It was an exciting and fun experience. Even though college can be difficult, it is not all work and no play.

There are many opportunities and many things to get involved with at EMU. I went to the ice cream social and walked around to every table. I saw a significant number of clubs, and many churches welcomed students to join. I think everyone should be able to find at least one thing they are interested in here. And even if someone cannot find something interesting to get involved in, there is such a nice environment and so many wonderful people that I am positive everyone can find a way to be happy here. I am so glad I chose to attend EMU!

-Hope Catlett, Contributing Writer

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