Alcohol Policy

There has been talk amongst students about the changes in the Alcohol Policy. Many students, especially first years like me, are unsure of exactly what the changes are. We, for the most part, pay no mind, as it seems that the policy is reasonable in the expectation that underage students will not drink since that is the law.

Near the end, the policy says, “Persons who misuse alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs off campus will also be in violation of the policy and dealt with by the appropriate disciplinary body when reported to university officials.”

This part has raised controversy among some students because there is no definition of misuse; at least, there is no definition of misuse in the print version of the student handbook. However, if someone were to look at the online edition of the student handbook, misuse is thoroughly defined as, “intoxication, illegal personal use and/or rowdiness, and damage or destruction of property.”

While it can be said that this source is readily available for students, as it is on the EMU web page, most returning students had never been to the online handbook, many because they had a print copy. According to a survey of returning students completed yesterday afternoon, 77 percent had never been to the online handbook.

Many of the students surveyed even commented that they did not know there was an online version of the student handbook.

Since the missing definition of misuse is the part having raised controversy, it is my belief that the definition should be in the print version of the handbook.

It would clear up confusion and frustration about the policy itself if this one simple sentence were added to the resource that students have on hand rather than one that many do not know exists.

-Hailey Holcomb, Sports Editor

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