Senior Art Show Offerings Sure to Impress, Surprise, and Awe

Senior art show season is in full swing beginning with an exhibit entitled “Individualité.” The exhibit showcased the portrait work of both Chelsie Gordon who is a photography and digital media double major with a minor in business administration and Rebekah Graham, a photography major with a psychology minor.

Gordon’s show, “Unveiled,” is a collection of seventeen portraits featuring women in their own homes, with no makeup, shot in natural light. Each woman was portrayed in a strong pose and looked straight into the camera.

Gordon says that her show was inspired “by a conversation with Jerry Holsopple about why women feel the need to look perfect in front of the camera. I started thinking about how today’s society makes it seem like a ‘natural’ woman is scary or ugly or undesirable. I think I proved them wrong.”

Gordon’s images were displayed in a straight line, portraying her strong and stable female subjects.

This contrasted Graham’s images which were organized in a free-flowing wave formation. Graham’s portraiture study combined both her photography major and her psychology minor by focusing on the concept of self-identity.

“Hair” is an examination of the tie between hair and an individual’s personality. Some images of this great exhibit are featured on the back page of this issue). With each subject, Graham discussed their relationship with their hair and how it reflected their personality. A section for personal reflection was provided which allowed individuals to sketch their own hair with a brief explanation about what it meant to them and post it on the wall.

Graham commented on how she felt about the show, “I was so happy with how it turned out. Each session in itself was fun, but when I started picking final images and looking at them together, my vision for it really started to come to life.”

When I finally hung all of the pictures in the gallery and saw the finished product, it was better than I had been expecting. And even since then, it has continued to be interesting. Every once in a while I go into see if there are new hair sketches.”

After graduation, Gordon will be officially starting her photography business, specializing in wedding and engagement portraits. Graham plans to stay in Harrisonburg for about a year and join Gordon on the weekends, photographing weddings.

A new show opens on Saturday, April 6 at 4 p.m. featuring the works of Gordon, Morgan Porter, Taylor Harrison.

Porter’s exhibit, “Theotokos,” (meaning ‘God-bearer’) is a “photographic investigation of finding the Madonna and Child in the face of a father with his son.”

Harrison’s portraits about the human body draw from classical Greek artwork and use new technology to photograph in infrared.

Harrison says, “I am hoping to show the body in a way it was meant to be seen: whole, imperfect, and beautiful. I’ve tried really hard to remove any degree of ‘sexual attraction’ or ‘gender-specific poses’ from my show, and focus more on the honest beauty that the human body possesses, but rarely is allowed to show.”

See page 8 for a glimpse of the exhibit, “Hair.”

Bethany Hench
Sports Co-Editor

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