Business Office Develops Paperless Billing System

The Business Office at Eastern Mennonite University is taking steps to become paperless by offering e-billing. EMU is joining up with Tuition Management Systems Campus Advantage to have statements, monthly payment plans, and bill paying all online and in one location.

“We know that dealing with bills is not the fun part of EMU for parents or students. We are working to provide an easier way for students and parents to access information, while also advancing EMU’s strategic goal of sustainability. The new system provides the opportunity to eliminate much of that paper and mailing,” comments Timothy Stutzman, Director of Finance at the Business Office.

You will soon be able to log into and, with the help of the program Campus Advantage, securely store payment information from a checking account, savings account, or credit card.

You will be able to use any payment methods and there will even be a direct link to peerTransfer for international payments. Campus Advantage will alert you immediately through your student information when there is a payment due.

EMU and TMS have worked together for years as they have offered monthly payment plans, also having the option of one time online payments. Joining TMS will provide students with new options.

Currently, parents are receiving billing information once a month in the mail. The office sends 2,000 to 2,500 statements per month. This is equal to 24,000 to 30,000 sheets of legal size statements per year. With this paperless change, parents, once the student grants them permission, can access their student’s account at any time. With the increased accessibility of this new plan, going paperless will greatly reduce the amount of paper use. Making efforts to be sustainable is a value that EMU holds very closely. Switching from billing through mail to billing online, will even help EMU save money.

The Business Office is planning to start e-billing on July 1, 2013, and the Fall 2013 semester will begin with the e-billing.

Ruth Tyson says, “As always, students are welcome (and encouraged) to visit us in the Business Office for assistance.”

Alicia Calkins,
Feature Editor

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