Senior Longacre Looks Back

When I look back on my basketball experiences, it really was a rollercoaster. Coming in, I was looking towards the upperclassmen to lead the way and I wanted to do whatever I could to get on the floor. I learned about playing hard and what it really took to be a successful player on the court, all while trying to maintain a high academic standard off the court.

As I transitioned into my junior year, we had a really young team and therefore a lot of young players were forced into roles that required a lot out of all of us, and it was a struggle at times. Although we weren’t always as successful as we had come to expect, we still gained a lot of valuable experience that would pay off down the road. Although my last year turned out much better, we were still unable to reach the goals we had set originally.

Overall, I am glad that I had the opportunity to play basketball for four years. It taught me a lot about preparation, responsibility and discipline for something that was extremely difficult at times. I was able to form a lot of relationships and have new experiences that only being on a team could have facilitated. I believe playing a sport is something that everyone should try if they are capable because it really teaches you a lot about yourself and gives you skills that are applicable to all other areas of life.

Owen Longacre,
Contributing Writer

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