Senior Class Votes for Landscaping Project on Hill

The class of 2013 has decided to create a park in the area located be- tween the Northlawn dormitory and the Campus Center.

Seniors at EMU are looking into their future and finding only months left until they walk to receive their degrees. They have the opportunity to look back and recognize those who have influenced and helped them along this journey, and a way for these soon-to-be graduates to say thank you is with the annual senior gift.

The decision for location came from trying to find a place that is close to the cafeteria and can serve as a gathering area, as well as a place to enhance Northlawn’s dormitory area. The students are still creating a landscaping plan, but they want to include a terraced seating area, picnic tables, a small fire ring, swings, and edible landscaping.

Eldon Kurtz, Physical Plant Director is very excited and interested about the idea of this senior gift, and James Souder, the Senior Class Co- President, is “glad [his] class will be able to leave a beneficial, tangible gift as [their] legacy.”

The senior class had originally thought of other ideas. One thought was the renovation of Park Cabin, but after further research on what was needed and how much renovation would cost, they would need to raise more money than anticipated.

They also considered teaming up with Northend Greenway to build a “pocket park” along the bike path that would connect the Park View homes to downtown Harrisonburg.

Souder mentions, “I hope EMU will find other ways to support both of these fantastic ideas, because both Park Cabin and the Greenway will benefit the EMU community in years to come.”

Laci Gautsche, Co-President of the senior class, said, “I am very excited about the Class of 2013’s gift to EMU this year. I think that it will transform that space on campus into something that is more functional and visually appealing. I envision the space being filled with students on warm campus days, and also think that it will be a great area for visitors to relax inbe- tween meetings and events. There are so many possibilities for that spot, and it feels great to give back to the EMU community in such a big way.”

The class’ goal is to raise $2,013. They have raised over $1,000 through pledge forms of class members, and they are continuing their fundraising efforts. If the class meets their goal, a local donor has agreed to match their gift with an additional $2,013.

The class has brainstormed different ways to raise money, the result of which is a concert that involves many of the musically talented seniors.

“The Senior Sampler: Sweets and Songs” will be on March 17 at 3:30 p.m. in the Martin Chapel. There will be a suggested donation for admission, and the senior class will also be asking faculty members to bring desserts for a reception after the concert.

The senior class advises us to be on the watch for posters and updates about the concert in the next couple of weeks.

Alicia Calkins

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