Zombie Apocalypse at EMU, Students Run for Their Lives

Zombies_TAKEN BY Han PThe zombie apocalypse has begun at EMU, sort of. Since Monday, about 28 students have been involved in the game Zombie. The game bears similarities to the game Assassin, where each person receives a target and tries to eliminate them before being eliminated themselves. At an informational meeting last Saturday, the game’s organizer, Senior Cody Walker, gave all participants a thorough list of instructions and the chance to stake out the other players of the game.

The game will last an entire week with one zombie champion. On the first day of the game, each zombie will receive their “target” by email. When the player receives their target, they are to use the specified “weapon” (which was a banan on the first day) to eliminate that person. One of the difficulties is locating your target to eliminate them while still being sneaky. Sophomore Jacob Lester said, “So far, the game is frustrating, but the chance to interact with the community and eliminate targets makes the game fun.” Once the player eliminates their target, their target is obligated to reveal his or her intended target and the player then goes after them.

The weapon that will be used to eliminate targets changes every day. For the first and second day of the contest, each player received a “shield”. The shield for Monday was the chicken dance and the shield for Tuesday was hopping on one foot while reciting the ABC’s. Any of the targets that did the chicken dance or any other shield in view of their hunter was immediately given a ten-minute safe space. There are other safe spaces around campus, including classes, chapel, work-study areas, bathrooms, dorm rooms, dorm hallways during closed hours, and the library.

When leaving a safe space, players have seven seconds to sprint as fast as they can away from the safe place to their next destination. Places that are not safe are the cafeteria hallway, public areas of dorm buildings, classrooms during non-class times, and outside. Some players could try to hide in their room but a rule in place prevents this: If you haven’t eliminated anybody within three days then a secret zombie will be sent out to eliminate you.

The first day of the contest ended with 11 zombies eliminated. On the second day two important things happened.

They announced the new weapon, a pillow, and awarded the Zombie of the Day award. Sophomore Emma King was the recipient. King credits her success at the Zombie game to her experience from last year. “Forming alliances can help too. However, in alliances one person will usually break it. Make sure you are the betrayer and not the betrayed.”

Like King, different players have developed strategies when playing the game. When asked about her strategy, First-year Karina Guzman didn’t want to reveal much she did say, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful.”

-Devon Fore, Opinion Editor

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