Comedienne Erin Foley Entertains and Amuses on Campus

ErinFoley copyComedians will never cease to amaze me. They have the capability to make you laugh so hard that you cry, using even the most mundane everyday items as the object of their amusement. They can also make statements that would ordinarily be considered offensive, but within the context of the comedian’s jokes, are taken as lightly as any other declaration. Erin Foley did all of these things and more last Friday.

Foley was the first of three events that will comprise the Campus Activities Council performing arts series for the semester. She has recently filmed her own special on Comedy Central, been a guest on Conan and acted in several movies. She is highly professional and knows how to read her audience.

Erin opened her act with some classic jokes about Mennonites and the Amish that were to be expected, but were still funny.

In order to get to Harrisonburg from her home in Los Angeles, Erin needed to take several plane rides. One of which was a very tiny passenger plane. Apparently the couple sitting behind her in the plane had a newborn baby whom they talked to in “baby talk” for the duration of the flight. Erin’s ability to amuse us with her frustration was certainly admirable.

She went on to talk about vegan cooking for one, McDonald’s and Taco Bell commercials, dog breeds, her girlfriend, shoe sizes, twins, and sports—among others things.

Yes, I said ‘her girlfriend.’ Erin is openly gay and freely expressed her feelings about LGBTQ inequality. As a person who is still unsure about my opinions regarding the issue, I was surprised to find myself genuinely laughing at the jokes that she made about her girlfriend. Due to her previous jokes about topics that interested me, she seemed much more relatable when she delved into the more potentionally uncomfortable subjects. I don’t want to sound insensitive, but her sexual orientation was not nearly as important as I initially thought it would be. In that hour, Erin was simply a person who was incredibly skilled at making people laugh.

Anyway, Erin really was an entertainer. She was quirky and knew how to manage awkward situations to make them less so. Not only did she know her set well but she engaged audience members and found humor in nearly everything that was said, keeping a room full of people laughing for nearly an hour straight. If you missed it, well, I do not know what to tell you. You missed out on an evening of (mostly) clean humor; something that is irreplaceable in this day and age. Laughter is good for the soul, and I feel that last Friday was an evening well spent.

-Lauren Sauder, News Editor

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