EMU Enrollment Continues to Steadily Increase

In high school, students are faced with the difficult decision as to what to do after graduation. For some, this means deciding on a college or university. Many different factors play into this decision process.

“I wanted to make sure that I went to a school that was close to my family and friends but also had the most to offer,” said Dasha Love, a former student at EMU. “My parents and I wanted to make sure that I had a meaningful experience that would last me the rest of my life.”

Tuition was one of the major factors that Love and her family had to consider. In 2008, the global recession made school affordability much more difficult.

Love’s family looked into schools that were working with students to make their studies more affordable. They found EMU, which has been working hard to adjust financial aid packages to be more competitive in difficult fiscal times.

EMU works with students to provide maximum financial aid through various financial aid packages and scholarships. One such avenue is through work-study positions that help students earn a paycheck while attending school. Competitive financial aid allows EMU to continue to compete for students both locally, regionally, and nationally.

EMU is well known for welcoming students who come from diverse backgrounds. “Twenty-five percent of this year’s first class of undergraduates are North American persons of color,” stated Luke Hartman, EMU’s Dean of Admissions.

“We continue to attract students from different cultures because they feel welcomed,” added Hartman.

The cross-cultural program was another one of the things that attracted Dasha and her family to EMU.

Love also noted how the athletic department appealed to her interests in the school selection process. “I noticed that the athletic coaches at EMU were doing a great job in recruiting students to their athletic teams. The success of the men’s basketball and women’s softball teams has brought state-wide notoriety to the school,” said Love.

While competitive financial aid, cross-cultural programs, and athletics are key attractors for EMU, one of the most important things that attracts students to EMU is the placement and outcome data.

“Of the graduates, 98% have a job within one year of graduation or go on to attend grad school, and 88% acquire a job in their respective discipline that they went to school to begin with,” stated Hartman.

These numbers drew in prospective student Natasha Fernandez, who said, “I feel like it’s really important to have a job once you leave college so you can make it in the real world, and EMU offers a high percentage for that possibility.”

EMU’s enrollment has been rapidly increasing since 2011, and the university is prepared to continue the steady incline.

-Jay Gray, Contributing Writer

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