Residence Halls Battle Each Other at 2012 Olympics

The adrenaline, vigor and hot chocolate from the opening ceremonies served the Olympians well as they participated in the 2012 ResLife’s first activity immediately following the Olympic opening celebration.
In Extreme Musical Chairs on Friday, three contestants from each residence building competed for the winning title. Each round began with the competitors facing each other in a large circle of chairs, with two opponents standing in the middle with no seat. At the start of the music, the two in the middle ran to people sitting in the circle, taking their seat and causing them to stand. The two left standing when the music stopped were eliminated from the competition. Music ranging from Little Mermaid’s “Under the Sea” to Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” accompanied the athletes as they flurried back and forth round after round.
At long last it came down to representatives of Cedarwood South and Elmwood in the final round of the competition. The music started and the young men began, following each other in a tight circle of tension. Suddenly the music stopped, causing a struggle ending with the Cedarwood South contestant moving the chair and plopping himself down with a smile. The crowd erupted in a mixture of celebration and objection. However, the judges quickly silenced everyone and announced that Cedarwood South was disqualified for picking up the chair. Elmwood supporters stormed the makeshift arena in merriment as Cedarwood South fans shook their heads in disbelief.
The activities resumed at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday with games of Kubb, a Swedish game played with wood blocks, and Cornhole, a classic lawn game played with beanbags; Cedarwood North and Elmwood were crowned the victors, respectively.
At 11, the Olympics moved to the Game Room of the Commons, where a game of Lung Capacity Ping Pong was played. In this competition, three people stood on each side of a net-less Ping-Pong table and attempted to blow a Ping-Pong ball off the other side using only their breath. The gigantic lungs of the Hillside competitors prevailed.
At noon, games of Tippy Toes and Bowling Ball Toss began back in the Woods Quad. In Tippy Toes, two opponents stood inside a hula-hoop with a water balloon in each hand and tried to push the other person out. If any of the water balloons popped, its holder lost the round. The men of Cedarwood South and women of Elmwood claimed their victories. The Bowling Ball Toss was essentially a shot-put contest using bowling balls; such a contest is not ideal for the weak of heart. Proving their cardiac strength in this competition were the men of Cedarwood South and women of Northlawn North.
At 12:30 p.m. the Ultimate Accuracy contest took place, testing Frisbee throwers’ talents in accuracy and distance using different techniques such as the backhand, forehand, hammer and chicken wing throws. Proving their worth at such a skill were the beefy arms of the Hillside contestants.
Next came the Puzzlers competition at 1:00 on the second floor lounge of Cedarwood, where the intelligence of the Olympians were put to the test with mind-bogglers such as Target Sudoku, The Incomplete Grid and a Food Word challenge. The developed brains of Parkwoods outsmarted the others in this competition.
At 1:30, Surprise Relay and Ball began on the turf and Bomberger fields. The Surprise Relay involved teams performing various tasks drawn from a bag, such as chewing a piece of bubble gum until blowing a bubble or eating a bunch of Saltines and whistling a tune. The Relay winners were representatives of the Parkwoods apartments.
The game of Ball was played with two trash cans placed on opposite sides of the field, and the object of the game was to get a soccer ball into the opposing team’s trash can by any means possible except for tackling, intentionally hurting others, or taking more than 5 steps total. Elmwood earned first place in this competition.
The Games concluded with the event Banana Cream Pie!, in which each team did a separate procedure in making and eating a banana cream pie tag-team style.                 First, bananas were peeled, and then they were smashed by hand and placed in a piecrust. After filling the rest of the crust with whipped cream, one partner fed it to the other while standing behind them. The Hillside participants won the race handily.
Overall, the standings show that Elmwood came in first place, with Cewith Cedarwood South in second and Maplewood in third.

Sam Swartzentruber, Style Editor

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