Letter: EMU Hiring Policy

EMU’s mission statement proclaims that our university is “a learning community…offering healing and hope in our diverse world.” That is something that I’m sure we can all agree upon: the world needs hope; the world needs healing. And as for diversity, we embrace students of all cultures, backgrounds, religions, personalities, and ideologies. Discrimination is neither acceptable nor allowed here.

What a lot of students don’t know, however, is that EMU’s hiring policy doesn’t match up with its mission statement. The “healing,” “hope,” and “diversity” apply in nearly all situations and contexts; however, EMU does not allow people in same-sex relationships to teach.

In light of this, think of the students here. If a student is attracted to and/or falls in love with someone of the same sex, he or she will not be allowed to teach at EMU.

It makes my heart hurt to think that very qualified alumni who want to give back to EMU would be denied jobs because of their orientations. What is even more heartbreaking is that very qualified professors have been fired because they fell in love. “Healing.” “Hope.” “Diversity.” Really? There are reasons that this policy was put in place, but it has hurt too many to remain unquestioned. While I would like things to change, I won’t demand it. But I have to insist that if we say we offer “healing and hope in our diverse world,” we evaluate our actions and policies in light of that claim.
–Erin Freeman

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