Downbeat Project Performs in Common Grounds

Walking into Common Grounds on Friday night, it was evident it was going to be a good evening. People were lively and ready to listen to the Downbeat Project.

The lights were dimmed and instruments lined the stage waiting to be played. The smell of coffee filled the room and soon enough the sound of music was going to fill the air as well.

Junior Rose Jantzi waited eagerly for the band to come out to the stage and begin playing. “I’m excited for what the flyer said about what they were going to sound like and to hear them in person. They looked classy,” Jantzi said.

Four middle-aged men walked into the room and stepped into their element. There were two acoustic guitar players, a drummer, and a bassist. One of the acoustic guitar players was also the vocalist, with the bassist singing the backup vocals. “I’m super excited for the Downbeat Project,” Sophomore Emily Shenk exclaimed at the beginning of the concert. “I watched them
Downbeat Project Performs in Common Grounds
on YouTube a few nights ago and they seem like a band that’s going places.”

By the first song, people were completely quiet watching the stage. The music wowed the audience. When the band finished their first song, the crowd went crazy.

The first two songs they performed were from their first album, “RISE”. Both songs had a tropical, relaxing aura to them. “They are really good!” Sophomore Victoria Clymer said right after the first song with wide eyes and a huge smile painted across her face.

It was evident that people were into the music as feet tapped to the beat and heads bobbed. More people began flowing in and extra chairs were brought in to seat them.

Sophomore Lucas Driediger enjoyed his time at the concert. “I felt involved in the music because the singer was very engaging and friendly. The band also had a really good groove,” Driediger said.

The main vocalist stopped after the second song to say a few words. He thanked Eastern Mennonite University for making them feel welcome. They talked in between songs and did a good job of interacting with the audience.

The Downbeat Project was a huge success and many students kept raving about the concert after its conclusion. This made some people who did not get a chance to go remorseful that they did not attend. “I regret I wasn’t there. I heard it was really good,” Sophomore Matt Nyce said.

Malika Davis, Photo Editor

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